As an international trading company belong to one group, it holds a special place in the community of exporting companies for consumer products in agri-food, industry and commodities.

We provide the best quality of agri food products, the regularity of supply, the value of commitment, diversity and the expansion of several product lines.


More than 50 countries


More than 500 sales


More than 1000 Products

Discover Our Special Export Services

STEICA as an export international trading company and ambassador of our exports to you, our company has a worldwide network to make quick transactions and deliveries of goods at the earliest possible moment. We offer you the range of our special export services.

Flexible packaging for the needs of our customers.

 Direct shipment to the buyer, FOB / CFR / CIF / DDU.

 The maintenance of international quality standards incoterm 2010.

 Flexible payment terms, we work with TT, CAD with credit insurance, LC, SBLC and GB 100%.

Regular interaction with the customer through a well-designed marketing network.

 Manage export transactions in a very efficient way with less risk, under guaranteed and full insurance with export insurance and customer credibility like COTUNACE / COFACE / SOTUGAR.

Senior management keep abreast of the latest trends and development in international markets.

Why choose us ?

  • Who we are ?

    A team of professionals with many years of experience

  • What we do ?

    Providing of most famous internationals and prestigious brands to our partner and our clients.

  • With our partner

    (Suppliers, customers, shippers, retailers) to build a reliable and deep relationship.

  • We are available

    We remain available 6/7 days, 26 days / month.

  • What we deal ?

    We have a head start in international trade. This due to our experience.

  • Where we work ?

    Commercial strategic place for internationals deals positioned between EU, Middle East, and Africa and with the important and worldwide safe harbors.

I was satisfied with all of their services. STEICA is a very serious company. I highly recommend it.

Wholesaler in the food industry

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